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We are equipped to ship our sheet metal products anywhere in the United States or Overseas.

New England Pick-up and Delivery Services are also available.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication at RANALL METAL TECHNOLOGY, Inc.

Our Sheet Metal Products

    Our card cages are designed to combine structural rigidity and close tolerances with simplicity of construction. We build the products to customer specifications without any limit on rack size, spacing, special holes and hardware, backplane or connector mounting.
    We are skilled at handling difficult, complex weldments with great accuracy, and offer full capabilities for fabricating and welding.
    We are constantly adding new tools and production strategies in order to meet our customers' needs for increasingly sophisticated assembly. At RANALL METAL TECHNOLOGY IC., we're prepared to handle a full range of lot sizes, physical sizes, and complexities. Our services are custom tailored to meet your needs.
    Our capability includes both industry standard front panels as well as custom front panels. You can design your own cut-outs, holes and extra hardware for your front panel, we can make all of them to meet your project specifications.

Our Mission

Our Mission... For our customers, GOAL CENTERED thinking precedes problem solving concerns. In such a perspective, problems become opportunities that call for a special quality of creative techinical planning. In order to deliver that dimension of quality customer service, we at RANALL METAL TECHNOLOGY INC. assemble our TEAM if individual quality sheet metal technicians and harness them to our customer's own objectives. Our purpose becomes distinctively mutual and long term.

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Process includes engineering, programming, punching, forming, spot welding, machining, grinding and more. After the actual piece is created, we can complete the product with plating, painting and assembly upon request.

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Pricing... Our pricing is based on the scope of the order. Pricing options range from prototypes and short-run orders to kan ban orders, blanket orders, and large scheduled, large-scale orders with finishing. Regardless of the size, our prices are competitive, with high-quality work done at reasonable rates. Contact us for more information about prices for various types and sizes of orders.

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